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May 7th, 2013, 02:50
I wasn't crazy about constant PvP or perma-death, but the more I thought about it as a different experience than the norm, I thought it would definitely be cool to try. There's definitely an interesting aspect there when anyone in the world could be hostile at any moment. You're not even safe in town. Sounds a little nerve-racking really, but I think it's cool. All the more reason to team yourself up with some powerful friends.

Also, you could put bounties on the player-killer characters if they messed with you. So if they killed you, you could then issue a reward on that player's head for anyone willing to claim it. So really, players are taking their own lives in their hands when they commit a crime against you or someone in your guild. It's a tricky situation that I think can add a lot of depth to a game like that, but it's definitely not for everybody.

The perma-death wasn't guaranteed, either. I died a few times and had a 100% revival rate and was able to come back. I'm not sure exactly how it worked, but sometimes you would have a lower chance of reviving based on different factors. However, you could offer your items to the gods for a higher chance of revival if your chances weren't too good. You could potentially tip the scales in your favor if you had enough precious items to offer. It was executed in a cool way I thought.

Also, players could loot your body when you died and went into soul form before you resurrect. They would be labeled criminals if they did that, but they could do it. So if you were carrying some precious item, there was a good chance some bandit might come along and loot your body while you were busy finding a statue to revive at. Interesting mechanic for a game like that, but again, not for everybody.

I just wish the game worked properly for me so I could give it a real shot. It has some elements in it that could definitely be a change of pace from the games I'm used to.
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