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May 7th, 2013, 02:51
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
Telepath RPG: Servants of God from Sinister Design is a hardcore turn based combat game with a good story and interesting characters.

Highly recommended if you like challenging games.
I played a part of the demo until my character died isolated in a tavern fight, well the trick was more to escape the fight but I didn't found the solution at first attempt. And I realized I hadn't saved since many hours, lol.

At first it seems like a tactical RPG with focus on story and characters plus the fights and some RPG management, but not really exploration. But I died in an exploration which was more like a true exploration so I don't know and the world map shown in the video seems indicate many area. The price is a bit high for an indie game not too recent but if it's big and the quality is here it worth it.

But I wonder is it a box? The only way to buy it seems through the site and it requires ton of information, address, and so on. i really just want the digital, that's troubling.

It's also a series and Servants of God is the third, the first two chapters are free to play browser games. I just started the second (he mentions himself the first isn't that good) and lol it seems a rather close approach than Servants of God. It's a strange/original mix of Hardcore/Casual/A RPG with voice acting and developed story.
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