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May 7th, 2013, 05:10
Originally Posted by bjon045
Maybe 1.2 million for the entire series…
I agree that 12M is a bit too much, but 1.2M sems a bit too low. The only sales info I found in english are only from release year, who knows how many copies those games sold since them. It's been more than 6 years since EO1 debuted as a unknown game…

Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
On a different note, some research on the game suggests that it's not all that much like Wizardry outside of featuring parties and dungeons. Seems thematically it's more like Shin Megami's stuff with modern high school kids battling demons? But it's hard to get a lot of good information on it.
There is a fully playable demo out man, you can just try it out. Also a LP going on the Codex.

And yes, is high school kids vs mutant monsters, but the mechanics are pretty much the same as old Wizardry games. And is a very hard game, with challenging and well designed dungeons full of traps, hidden walls, rotating walls, warp zones, and other stuff not seen for ages around here. Just take a look, this is the map of one floor of one dungeon:


I really feel dissapointed when I see people missing out games like this just because they can't look past anime style or ambience… does it really means that much to you to have a cliche old bearded man that speaks in faux old english instead of a 16-old girl giving you quests?
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