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May 7th, 2013, 04:52
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I wouldn't say they're more powerful - but more comfortable for certain tasks, like surfing and reading.
Technically they are about on equal footing … but the only reason I mention that is because you have to ask yourself: what iPad games wow you like, for example, Bioshock Infinite? Exactly … so there is much more going on than just hardware.

But you're also underestimating the computer-power needed to drive a game with Civ 4-5 complexity. Those games bog down SEVERELY in the mid-late game even on the most powerful PCs.
My statement was that I would love to play those games BUT … which I meant to imply that there was much more to it than just a simple port. When you look at running Civ IV in 2005 on a 512MB graphics card on a 2GB RAM system, you were pounding through heat (imagine me playing on a laptop!).

And I think that will impact how the XCOM and Civ ports work and are handled.

The heart of any RPG would not be the interface - but the feature-set and the content.
Very true - which makes it even MORE of a challenge! We need someone to innovate an entirely new paradigm for tablet RPGs … and come up with a great game… and manage to charge enough to make it all worthwhile!

Agreed again. Also, things evolve all the time - and no one can predict all the new platforms.
Which is what I meant by the inability to really SQUEEZE a system for performance - because everything you do might be moot in 6 months.

Sure - but my point was that I didn't mention them - and as such they're not relevant when countering.

As you can imagine - I feel the same way about those platforms - largely. Except of course that they're dedicated gaming platforms - and as such, they will tend to have better games - simply because that's what the audience will expect.
I know YOU didn't mention them, and we BOTH know who did The problem is, now that you are lucky to sell 50,000 copies of a Vita game, publishers are getting even MORE selective!
-- Mike
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