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May 7th, 2013, 06:04
They were a bit beyond me at the time Thrasher.

Hey time for an update. I tried Bandicam and uploaded a ~7 minute 1080p tour of the engineer solo in a lethal area. Basically, its near suicide to attack this place and attempt to rez the fallen NPC allies. I make some progress but it is hard enough to do with a 2 man let alone solo. So it quickly becomes a survival video

Level 22. Note the new toys:
- Flame Turret
- Rifle Turret
- Overcharge Shot (pushes back enemy and toon)
- Dodge mine placement (boy I love this one)

Older toys:
- Mine Field
- Blunderbuss shot
- Net Shot

Enjoy! This is pretty fun video Don't forget 1080p!!!

"For Innos!"
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