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May 7th, 2013, 08:30
The figures Mortmal quoted are as of April 2013, not from release year. 1.2 million sounds about right from the numbers I've seen (about 300k for each of the 4 EOs), and that's worldwide, not just in Japan.

As for the anime thing, I have no problem with anime. I play many JRPGs with far worse anime graphics then this. I was just pointing out that I got more much more of a Nocturne/Shin Megami vibe then a Wizardry vibe from the game. That's not necesarily a bad thing, Nocturne was one of my favorite games (although more for the challenge and interesting mechanics then the flavor).

Edit: Looking at the let's play link you gave, I can start to see the Wizardry influence much more.

Originally Posted by felipepepe View Post
I agree that 12M is a bit too much, but 1.2M sems a bit too low. The only sales info I found in english are only from release year, who knows how many copies those games sold since them. It's been more than 6 years since EO1 debuted as a unknown game…

There is a fully playable demo out man, you can just try it out. Also a LP going on the Codex.

And yes, is high school kids vs mutant monsters, but the mechanics are pretty much the same as old Wizardry games. And is a very hard game, with challenging and well designed dungeons full of traps, hidden walls, rotating walls, warp zones, and other stuff not seen for ages around here. Just take a look, this is the map of one floor of one dungeon:


I really feel dissapointed when I see people missing out games like this just because they can't look past anime style or ambience… does it really means that much to you to have a cliche old bearded man that speaks in faux old english instead of a 16-old girl giving you quests?
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