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May 7th, 2013, 10:55
Hard will be frustrating - some of the battles are multi-reload on normal. Go for a mage, priest, fighter, archer party. Ranged is underpowered in damage terms, but in most battles allows you to deal damage without being close enough to take any. I think that balances it out, especially since some enemies are on ledges and using only spells on them is annoying because you need to go back to town to regenerate mana.

Don't kill any of the dragons until you're sure you know what you're doing (impact on ability to finish game).

Keep lots of notes about who said what about missing alchemists, strange herbs etc. Also make use of the 'note' function in the dialog box. Make your own map - the in-game one doesn't communicate too well where you can cross from one area to another.

Keep a note of places where you see magical barriers, so that when you're eventually able to dispel them you can go on a chore-free direct loot.

Always activate teleporters in towns as soon as you arrive - this will save you hours fighting the less than perfect pathfinding over a huge map.

Have fun!
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