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May 7th, 2013, 11:39
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Technically they are about on equal footing … but the only reason I mention that is because you have to ask yourself: what iPad games wow you like, for example, Bioshock Infinite? Exactly … so there is much more going on than just hardware.
I'm "wow'ed" by the concept of having a reasonably powerful computer in such a convenient package.

That's something you could only dream of a few years ago. I mean that, I'm extremely impressed.

I'm extremely impressed with the "power-current" based touch-screen (forget what it's called) - but I think it's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I'm impressed with the Apple design and the Apple interface. Fantastically accessible.

But I'm not the sort of person who will let that sort of impression dispel reality. Reality is that the platform is inferior - and I don't see how you could possibly call consoles and an iPad on equal footing when it comes to gaming.

The power of their GPU alone absolutely trumps the iPad utterly and totally. There's absolutely no way you could make something like Skyrim or Read Dead Redemption happen without them looking like cardboard-based games.

Just like all the 3D games that have true freeform gameplay look like.

You're dreaming if you think the current hardware can come even close to those games.

And I think that will impact how the XCOM and Civ ports work and are handled.
Most definitely. Also, I think X-Com is particularly UNIMPRESSIVE as it is. I think it's clunky and slow on both PCs and consoles.

Very true - which makes it even MORE of a challenge! We need someone to innovate an entirely new paradigm for tablet RPGs … and come up with a great game… and manage to charge enough to make it all worthwhile!
You mean YOU need

I don't need something until I know what it is

Which is what I meant by the inability to really SQUEEZE a system for performance - because everything you do might be moot in 6 months.
Yup, another awful aspect of following the trends. Even when I'm in consumer-mode - I think it's tremendously demotivating to realise that the shiny new gadget will be outdated almost before I'm used to having it.

I know YOU didn't mention them, and we BOTH know who did The problem is, now that you are lucky to sell 50,000 copies of a Vita game, publishers are getting even MORE selective!
Yeah, but the person in question obviously isn't quite sane. I've often wondered if it's an elaborate bot
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