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May 7th, 2013, 17:56
I had high hopes for 38 Studios MMO. There's footage of some of the game world floating around and it looked pretty impressive. Of course, graphics are just gravy and we have no idea whether the game ever would've played well or had content worth a crap. Sadly we'll probably never know.

Originally Posted by cptbarkey View Post
played neverwinter for about 10 minutes last night as a dwarf cleric, the controls are very meh and its simplistic. will give it another chance but first impressions arent good.
It's an ok game but IMO if you like that style of game and haven't played TERA, you should just play TERA since it does the style (action combat MMO) so much better and actually looks like a modern game instead of looking like something from 5-10 years ago.

IMO there isn't much D&D about Neverwinter except that it takes place in Neverwinter and has a few other D&D terms. The gameplay, class designs, combat…none of it has anything to do with D&D.

D&D is the godfather of group-based PvE and Neverwinter is just another generic MMO that's 90% solo, has slapped on PvP (and D&D has nothing to do with PvP so why is it even in the game), and has small smatterings of PvE.

To me I think that's the biggest problem with Neverwinter. There was a time, when WoTC owned D&D, that they had tight quality control and I don't think they would've allowed something like Neverwinter to happen. Neverwinter is more of a loose nod to D&D than anything truly resembling D&D.
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