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May 7th, 2013, 20:23
Originally Posted by Soulbane View Post
You're probably right about them looking at the short-distance only.

However desireable the scenario you describe at the end of your post is for us, I doubt they would be interested in it, and the bahzillion of Modern Warfare and FIFA sales surely justify them.

I'm afraid we're the minority, again. =/
FIFA is an easy sale - as it's soccer and it's had a zillion years to cook.

I don't know how Modern Warfare is doing, but I would have thought people are nearing the point of being sick of it? As in, the last game might have sold below expectations?

Then again, high-profile military shooters seem to be like hot-cakes.

I just think Lucas did more damage to Star Wars than people realise. I don't think it's an everlasting well of money. SOME money, probably, but I think the smart thing to do would be to make it great again.

However, what the hell do I know.

The last Star Trek movie was just about the worst piece of garbage I've ever seen - especially because I'm very fond of Trek and don't appreciate people dumping their body load on it - but it was a huge smash.





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