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May 8th, 2013, 04:51
Originally Posted by redman5427 View Post
I read your review Fluent and I have to say Bravo! It was well written and made perfect sense to me as well. To the people who say you shouldn't be writing about single player RPG's because a lack of experience with the genre, it seems Fluent has done his due diligence and done his best to try and catch up by inquiring and playing some of those old games. He also is showing his versatility by playing and writing about multiplayer rpg's which is extremely important to gamers such as my self.
Old gamers get very jaded at times and it's good to see some new blood, and energy.
Keep writing.
Thanks man! I will definitely keep writing. I love to do it, and now that I have more of an outlet here, you will (hopefully) see many more articles and reviews coming from me in the future. Hopefully by then I can win some more of you over with my writing and general passion for RPG gaming.

As for those doubting my experience, it's true I haven't been playing PC RPGs long. Growing up I never had a great computer to play games on, so I've always been a console gamer. That said, I've been playing RPGs for over 20 years, so I would hope that I know a little something about the genre. Combined with the fact that I am trying to play a lot of the older PC games and get myself familiar with them, I should be able to bring you guys a viewpoint on PC gaming from a fresh perspective. I definitely feel I can add something to the site here, or else I wouldn't be bothering.

But the bottom line is, I love RPGs. So my articles and writings will always be coming from a place of passion for the genre. So hopefully that passion will work it's way into my writing and I can make a positive contribution here.

Thanks for all the support and criticism and everything people have posted in this thread. I read it all and I will continue to try and get better as I go.
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