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May 8th, 2013, 07:52
When you say LEM, I think Stanislaw Lem.

>>> Warning: some spoilers! <<<

I really loved the Wheel of Time books! The main problem, though, and I think a big reason why it seems like nothing is happening, is that it tries to do way too many parallel plots. The first books stuck with just three or four but they started to go to 6+ plots per book! When you divide between 6 plots, even 1000 pages aren't enough to advance any one plot very much.

The Wheel of Time Encyclopedia is really handy for me. There's no way I could possibly remember who's who in these books without that website.

Starting with Lord of Chaos and going through to the end of Jordan's books did get trying. There were some good plots in there (Fayle escaping the Aiel was real good) but the cultures got less interesting to me and they had pretty much discovered all the interesting stuff about the world by this point.

Sanderson's books helped out a lot. The resolution of the White Tower rebellion was particularly good. (Actually, Egwene's story is my favorite of the whole series.) And the final book was really great, though having a 1000 page book be a page-turner plays havoc with sleep patterns.

I can't imagine how Red Eagle could ever make movies out of these books. Sure, you can turn 1000 words into one picture but this monster? Nah. Maybe they could just do "New Spring" and leave it at that.
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