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May 8th, 2013, 10:40
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I would call it 'average', but what REALLY gets me is how something supposedly written by RA Salvatore (and I have read the first Neverwinter book and have the second one) could totally lack any sort of a narrative 'pull'.
Well, that's kind of strange - because the same happened with Diablo 3 and Leonard Boyarsky, who used to be a big deal in writing.

I'm not saying the lore was awful - and I actually liked the story/narrative more than it seems most people did, but it definitely wasn't special.

I think it has to do with the difference between writing from passion - and writing as a job, especially when the games might not reflect what the writer would really want to play himself.

I can't imagine a serious writer dying to play something like Neverwinter - as no matter how good the writing is, the flow will always emphasize combat over story. That said, I guess writers might want shallow combat as much as the next guy - just to kick back a bit.

That's one of the primary issues with trying to "plan" development. So many investors think you can get "key people" or throw money at something and they know what to expect. It's also my experience that most artists peak relatively early - and then it's just a slow descent. There are exceptions, but it's rare in my experience.

So many writers start out with a couple of good books - then they peak with a few great books, and then nothing ever really gets close again.




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