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May 9th, 2013, 00:10
Originally Posted by Zerotown View Post
I understand there's a subtle difference and, in a way, I understand that a company like Larian - with limited resources and a strong bond with it's own products - would pre-select previewers. Still… such a strategy could lead to a game being hyped sky-high, only to have it crashing upon release because both gamers and review-sites become dissapointed. There can be a sort of regulating-mechanism to broad-range previews, I guess.
I'm not sure it's fair or safe to assume picking certain reviewers instantly equates to favorable reviews or inflated hype. Potentially, a reviewer well versed in a specific genre could be even more critical.

Scroll down the main page here at The Watch and take a look at the most-recent review of Eador for an example of a reviewer who just doesn't understand his subject matter and probably shouldn't be reviewing that particular game at all.
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