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May 9th, 2013, 10:35
Don't have time for a rant, but…

While there are certainly several items you can purchase from NPCs with gold, often you can get those same items with Astral Diamonds.

…you need such massive amounts for anything worthwhile that I just feel like I'm being ripped off in-game.
Where can you buy healing potions with astral diamonds? Gold is for potions, injury kits, lockpicks, arcana kits, etc. Last run I took about 6 gold worth of stuff and all I used diamonds on were ID scrolls cos it was one of those times the drop rate for magic items was much higher than the standard rate for scrolls. Can't really complain.

Bit soon to complain about how players are pricing their items. You really need to wait until time has gone by and abundance has set in. At the moment theres epic shields for just 7000 astrals which were priced 200000 a few days ago because people are finding them faster than buying.

The biggest pay2win issues I'm seeing are mounts being in PvP Domination. You have people paying for 110% speed mounts then they'll always capture their point before the 50% speed mounts free players like myself have.

Players with store bought epic companions really just help make your party of adventurers stronger as a whole since they can't be used in pvp.
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