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May 9th, 2013, 13:30
I like it as it is - but, oddly, when my play time card runs out, I feel the burden of being F2P the heavier - heavier than if I had started F2P from the beginning.

I got so much accustomed to things that I more or less can't stand not being able to pick up all quest rewards and "artifact quality" items anymore.

From this perspective, I feel better with DDO, because there just aren't any restrictions regarding loot.

Therefore, I really do not like the loot-related restrictions of SWTOR.

The game as such can be played as an singleplayer RPG to a great part.

As a side-note, I read that several people in the SWTOR forums say that of all MMORPGs they know of, SWTOR comes closest to WOW in its game mechanics.

Edit : If you ever want to go to the SWTOR server called "Vanjervalis Chain" and you meet someone called "Alrikfassklauer" there - that's an impostor. Saw him yesterday in the chat.
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