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May 9th, 2013, 13:57
Originally Posted by Elel View Post
I just wanted to share, if just for amusement, how you can totally fail to enjoy the game by making it too easy.

The mage path happens to have regeneration of mana and a rather cheap spell called Ice Lance. After you got them… you can go anywhere and beat anything. Absolutely anything.

It must be one of the cheatiest implementation of magic in all games.
I balanced my character with swords, ranged and magic as it was the best way that I found particularly during the first encounters where magic was in fact under powered.

I only managed to get mana re-generation after about 70 hours of playing.

Even with mana re-generation you will still run into trouble when facing large mobs as re-generation takes time, especially if you are using more exotic spells.

I think that the game is balanced well so that you will only get mana re-generation (if you specialise in magic) after so many hours of gameplay and that it is indeed required for the later portions of the game (e.g. Nordimar, liberating villages from orcs, raiding tombs .. etc.).
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