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May 9th, 2013, 18:46
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
That selective review process will be tricky, too. If you just preview your game to a bunch of fanboys, you'll be missing out on some valuable feedback.
While I agree with Swen's basic premise, I too think Swen needs to be careful how he goes about implementing this. But I think such a policy can be done to good effect.

I'll never forget the 'review' of Oblivion where the reviewer states, repeatedly, that she was frustrated that she could not save her game whenever she wanted to.

While blunders of this magnitude are a bit uncommon, it provides a pretty solid peek into the chaotic industry of game reviews where many times almost no care is taken to match game genres to people who enjoy those genres and when it comes to RPGs either the reviewer chooses not to spend an appropriate amount of time with the game or is simply not allowed to because of work load or other time constraints.

On top of all that, I'm convinced there is a sizable number of reviewers out there who take an adversarial approach to reviews, particularly with genres they're unfamiliar with or outright do not enjoy, because it's "edgy" that way.

I admit, I am a bit biased on this subject as I've come to loathe online reviews after years of my life that I can never get back reading so much stupid, inaccurate commentary designed mostly to show off some self-important sense of writing ability that
is sophomoric at best.
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