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May 9th, 2013, 19:23
I pretty much agree with the article and have written similarly.

PWI needs to be slammed for Neverwinter, which will be their most visible game so far, in the same way that EA/Maxis have been slammed for the SimCity debacles. Their predatory F2P model needs to be shredded and shamed publicly.

The game is D&D in name only. It's a D&D location. There are other D&D names and terms but the actual implementation of the game has next to nothing in common with D&D. It's actually somewhat repulsive that these developers were allowed to make a D&D game this way. When WOTC was in charge of the D&D name I doubt this would've happened.

The gameplay is pretty simplistic. Grouping is lackluster.

It's ok to play, but it's pretty hard to get past the cash shop element and the cash shop prices are insane.

You start with 16 bank slots. 16. That's nothing. It's $6 for another 16. You start with 1 bag and get another smaller bag thru questing. It's 5 or 10 (depending on size) to buy one bag for one character. It's 5 or 6 to respec.

I'm sorry but no matter what your business model, 16 bank slots to start is just pathetic. If you DO buy a founders pak or anything from the store that probably leaves you with more junk to store making the paltry bank slots even more of an issue.

You start with 2 character slots. It's $5 to buy 2 more - one of the few things that's actually reasonably and priced. If the whole cash shop was this reasonable there would be no issue. $5 for 2 character slots vs $5 for a single respec vs 5/10 for a single bag…just doesn't compute. I suppose their logic is that letting you play more classes with crippled everything else will push you towards buying the more expensive crap. It's repulsive.

I don't mind throwing money at a good game but I don't want to feel like I'm getting ripped off and the cash shop prices for NW are criminal for the most part to the extent that me and people I know just won't play if it comes down to paying those prices vs playing a completely crippled game.

Obviously it costs money to develop games and they need to make money but I've grown to despise the F2P model because also obviously it's not free. It kills immersion and fun to have money brought up constantly and to have so many elements of the game crippled without paying. The model also aims to suck a lot more out of you than a monthly sub would. The model also rewards players who want to pay more, which is a lame way to game.

The other crap thing about F2P is you get tons of gold spammers since free accounts are easily obtained, and you get a LOT of low quality players (mostly in terms of behaviors, not ability). MMOs these days already feature a lot of losers and free games dip even further into the bottom of the barrel.

I much prefer sub-based where your ability as a player and how much time you want to play are the factors in your potential, not how much you want to pay. Pay to win is lame.

I was also baffled that people would spend 20-200 on the game before it even releases, especially knowing that there's no way this game could ever deliver more than a years worth of content and gameplay (200 being more than a whole year of paying a sub). Some people just have too much money apparently. I'm not lacking but I don't flush my cash down toilets just because I have it either.
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