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May 9th, 2013, 20:41
I'm somewhat surprised. SWTOR is a decent game and worth checking out but the cash shop implementation they put in is beyond obnoxious. It's like having a vegas style cash shop logo lit up right on the main focal point of your UI. Even if you sub you see this eyesore.

I briefly returned to SWTOR when it went F2P and even subbed for a month since I couldn't tolerate having most of my former account taken away from me if I was F2P, but for me the game hasn't evolved any - still has primitive everything and the worst "AH" implementation of any MMO ever (Neverwinter's is pretty crappy too and search doesn't even work but NW is technically still in beta and that could change).

So good for them, because IMO SWTOR *is* worth checking out even if it's not that great for the long haul.

Bad for me, since I'm sick of F2P - it makes me want to vomit. I want F2P to go away.

I would rather see a smaller number of higher quality players playing MMORPGs (as it was before WoW) that feature GROUPING instead of seeing endless seas of soloing doods playing MMOs like single player games with public chat filled with intellectually insulting idiocy.
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