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May 9th, 2013, 20:54
As a couple of people pointed out, you say "Social" and there's an immediate groan from a community that has been bombarded with horrible (I'd say almost predatory) "Social Games" out there. And that's not really what I'm talking about, other than acknowledging the presence of existing social networks and maybe taking advantage of 'em.

That's really why I posted this. I'm not talking about Zynga B.S. I'm talking about old-school social… the kind of thing you got when you played a game on a LAN, or had a friend playing Ultima VI at the same time you were before there really was a World Wide Web (for those who remember that), or the people you meet at a gaming convention.

Anyway - the point is - there are a few other people playing this game or who have played this game (far too few IMO, but… yeah, that's where I am). What could be done to make it so that we can get that (relatively) tiny community so it doesn't suffer quite so much for being so tiny? Make it so there are some easy and fun ways to connect with other players --- if and when you feel like it? Basically let players take advantage of social networks, instead of having social networking take advantage of them?

Anyway, I'm still casting about for ideas here. Seems like the right thing to do, but it's been abused so often lately it's hard to come up with things that would really be "awesome" for many players without being intrusive.
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