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May 10th, 2013, 19:18
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
So what would you compare the Eschalon games to? I'm thinking of giving them a try. I heard they're pretty good but somewhat short.
The Eschalon games are isometric and turn based, but you do not activate a turn by a special key but simply by doing something like walking or fighting. So if you walk five units, your enemies also walk five units (if they are as fast as you - there may be faster or slower ones). If you play fast it is de facto like real time, so it is a little bit like real time with pause, but the pause is not triggered by a key but by doing nothing. (Sorry for the complicated description, but I am not aware of well-known games with the same mechanics.)

This mechanics works only for a single character game obviously, would not be possible for a group.

From the ratio between action and story and and exploration and from the general fun factor I would compare them with Divine Divinity, despite the different mechanics. Of course they are not as long as Divinity, but I had similar fun as long as they lasted.

There should be a demo for at least one of them, so you can try it.
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