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May 11th, 2013, 10:00
Thoughtful article but the title is sensational. It is not about games having or not stories but how to tell stories.
The title must be: how should games tell stories?
The author puts forward the very fact that most games will end with a story.
At the same time, many players flocked to games because of their lack of narrative structure; a game experience is a chance to create a story, not to submit oneself to a designer's unpublished novel.
It is either be submitted to a scripted narrative or write your own.

As stated already, the question is answered: as a medium to storytell, video games come with structural flaws that immediately jeopardize the delivery of a story. Millions of dollars were poured into searching on how to deliver a story in video games yet no method was found.
Anyone with a good story is left in the dark to deliver it properly via a video game. Contrary to litterature or cinema. If you have a good story, it is better to keep it for a book or a movie as the how to is well known in litterature and cinema.

From that point, the choice is clear: either you want a medium to be used for what it conveys the best or you cling to what it does the worst.

Video games excell for a player to developp her own narrative. They suck when it comes to deliver scripted narratives.

Players chose some time ago.
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