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May 11th, 2013, 11:27
I thought it was a good review - well written and pointed out what the reviewer did and didn't like about the game. What more can you do in a review? It's always going to be the case that people like different things about a game and attacking reviewers is a blood sport that takes place all over the internet, for those whose opinions differ. Some of this criticism that becomes personal and attacks the reviewer's taste and competency on a subject that is very opinion oriented is particularly below the belt, I think.

However, a suggestion. How about having some reviews that are written by several people say 3, independently, so as to cover a range of opinions. Then the rating for the game could be the average of the 3 reviews. That would be a really interesting format, often used when opinions rather than specs matter (for instance hi-fi reviews) but of course it might be logistically difficult to get out timely reviews.
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