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May 11th, 2013, 12:18
A well written story should ideally unfold with game progression. (eg: well integrated and coherently woven)

A "flexible" type storyline that can be stretched by side quests progression can/might also be *recieved* flexibly due to the variation of the gamer's own ability (eg: lack of imagination).

If storyline flexibility is hidden and can only be found by agressive depth playing (eg: not casual gaming) - then this must lead to greater immersion and game conclusion satisfaction.

This is completely different to the game "telling a story" - for me a good storyline must be uncovered by determination or subliminal suggestion (eg: 'the unknown' etc')

This is highlighted where well known and accepted novels are used as a backdrop concept prior to a game's development. (eg: a 'Sapkowski' novel)

It is virtually impossible to make a novel type story into a deeply immersive game of progresive gameplay style in that the game is 'telling' the story rather than the player 'finding' or uncovering, searching to unearth the deeper progressive story elements.

So many games now display the storyline for all to see before the game is even released.

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