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May 11th, 2013, 14:05
Myst had nice graphics and a good atmosphere. The gameplay itself…well, wasn't really that good. You clicked from screen to screen and had to do puzzle minigames.

However the pictures in the kotaku article seem to be totally random and mostly from an individual's past who spent most of his time with console games.

Fallout and BG were probably not taken as examples as in these cases as it was probably more of a question of style in these cases than a technical limitation as mentioned in the intro. In the examples the characters run around as 3D models in a pre-rendered static environment. I think I never really liked that mix, can't think of s single game with that mix which I liked. Also it was basically the downfall of pure 2D scenes like in Monkey Island, which I prefered.

These days the situation is different though. The 3D models are so good that there isn't much of a disconnect anymore. If a background is done in 2D it's a question of style (and they are often drawn and not pre-rendered). And 3D models for characters are actually easier to do than 2D models if they need to be dynamic (change armor/weapons/hair).
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