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Exclamation Buggy mission on Reandor (?)

May 11th, 2013, 17:01
Hi there,

I've installed the official patch 1.1 and Wasps 1.7 patch (and Cutscenes & Russion sound files).

Until now I had now problem with any quests. I'm Level 19 now and this game works perfectly!! I'ts just really neat :-)

But now on Reandor - I've sided with the Free Traders - I came across this dude called "Grayson". He is in the bar in the southern most Free Traders outpost.
Anyway, he gives you three missions.

The one that's broken is "Plunder the convoy with provisions". After I get back to him I can finish the mission without a problem, but the pretty heavy crate remains in the inventory as a mission item; meaning it's undroppable.

So, is there either a way to:
- increase the inventory capacity to 80kg?
- force-remove the item
- fix the quest

Hope for some positive responses
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