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May 12th, 2013, 16:37
From what I'm reading most of the people who have problems had M&M v6 on steam; and when they purchased this add-on the new integration with uplay broke the online dynasty stuff with M&M v6. I don't own this game so these commetns are second hand. Personally I'm avoiding ubi-soft stuff - the integration with uplay is just plain annoying. I did get far cry 3 blood for free and I can't just run it (like steam programs where steam is running int he back ground or even origin programs). I ahve to first open uplay (manually) and then select it from uplay (this sounds minor but is very annoying). The other thing I'm hearing is that uplay servers are unreliable for some and when become unavailable the dynasty stuff goes away - this remains me of when I played dragon age and every freaking time EA servers would crash my DLC would become unavailable (which is plain silly for a single player game). Anyways I've given up on bioware/origin and uplay - I've not had so much trouble with steam - where things woudl stop working while playing a game so they seem to be doing something better here - either in system design or reliability.
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