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May 12th, 2013, 17:17
This looks like it has everything Minecraft should have evolved into having. Like, actual gameplay. Granted it doesn't have any actual mining which I assume is done to differentiate it as a product further (as it shouldn't be hard to give you a pickaxe and generate a handful of different underground materials) but, this is what I hoped for.

Also, how the hell is this so smooth, effortlessly generating entire continents, when Minecraft chugs every step? Is that Java's fault? It's so annoying to play.

Anyway, I love many of the games this is inspired by, like Monster Hunter (I hope he gets the equipment crafting off of boss monster loot and other materials right) and while this is definitely a lighter more button mashy approach the rest of its elements should give it its own identity and make it an engaging experience overall. I'm excited.

Mods would be great though, so that even if it falls short in some areas (like quest variety) people could fix it with their own content. I can imagine fans adding lego versions of famous monsters from Monster Hunter and other games that fit the themes.

Lol @ thinking it's an MMO based on nothing. No, it's secretly a racing game, meh!

Edit: reading past updates his work on things like NPC schedules is impressive too!
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