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May 13th, 2013, 01:08
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I've played at least 100 RPGs in my lifetime. I can remember the story of about … maybe 2 of them, but I can remember the gameplay of most of them. Gameplay trumps story for me, it's a nice background thing to have but not the driver.
Totally agree. For instance, the biggest "story" game of all from what I consider the Golden Age of RPGs, Ultima VII. I remember that game vividly enough I can still run through segments of the game in my head, but I don't recall anything about the story other than the sound of that Guardian dude's silly voice. Other games from the same time: I can recall things like Guillotine traps and getting jumped by nose-bone African tribesmen chucking spears at me soon as I left town the first time in Might & Magic III, but not even a glimmer of the storyline remains in my mind. Wizardry 7 I recall clearly exploring some of the dungeons, and many of the puzzles, but the story is all fuzzy and vague. On the other hand, a game lacking in story is pretty dull fare. It leaves you (or me at any rate) feeling like I'm just killing time. That's the way I always felt about Elder Scrolls, before Oblivion came out.

Both are required, but the gameplay is more important. And my personal preference is for the story to unfold naturally during the course of playing the game, rather than the gameplay following along behind a strictly scripted story that's force fed to you via dialogs and event triggers.
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