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May 13th, 2013, 05:30
I'm loving BG this time through, so I'm really looking forward to BG2 also. This mod may throw a wrinkle in my plans though. I loved NWN2 and it wasn't very buggy for me; so this mod is going to get a serious look. I'm already planning a mage replay of BG tool; perhaps with several of the mods mentioned earlier in the thread.

My pally can pick up a friend in the Fishing village, but I'm not sure who to drop. Kivan has the best THAC0 in the party. I have two thieves, so I could just drop Imoen and take the 2nd paladin. I knew I didn't like any of the mages in BG1 so I rolled a thief and mage at the start. The rolled thief is much better than Imoen. I was keeping Imoen because I know she's kind of a main in the next game.
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