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May 13th, 2013, 14:16
I think i'll repeat my comment that this game is closer to titan question than diablo. I thought i noticed that some areas reset if you die before completing them.
I've run into the fence bug - but I'm not sure how much of the beta represent the full game. I think they say it is 1 of 3 acts but I'm not sure if all acts are equal length. I don't really have anything else to mention. I had no ctd; no complaints iwth the voice acting but some of the banter became a bit repetitive. The only real bug i ran into was the fence bug but it is not clear to me what the most effective skills/stats are - i didn't really spend too much time playing with different combos. I should mention that you can 'craft' (combine items and get a new 'random' item); embed 'essence' into items (sort of like runes on other apg). It was a bit lacking on puzzles (I think I only found one) and it had quite a few interesting optional quests.
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