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May 14th, 2013, 05:25
Well, I've been playing Neverwinter for quite some time now and I must say that people looking for a deep, true D&D experience will not be pleased. But it's fun as a action-heavy adevnture.

- The most brutal cash shop ever with limited starting basic resources. Ex: 16 bank slots per character to start, $6 each addition 16. 1 bag to start, another small bag at 5 via questing, then it's $10 for 1 bag for 1 character via cash shop (or extreme currency costs from players who bought from the cash shop and are selling). No free respecs even though you'll have no idea what you're doing…$6 for a respect token.
Yup, the astral gems economy is pretty exorbitant. They really should lower the costs for basic materials and features.

I must say though I've been playing a little of Star Wars: The Old Republic and I find the limitations for F2P mode in that game to be worse. For example, subscribers learn the Sprint skill from the very start but F2Pers can learn that only as a higher level (15 i think). Also F2Pers can only choose from 2 races, have 2 character slots and vendor prices are inflated.

Still, TOR a very good game and I'm enjoying myself so far.
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