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May 15th, 2013, 22:55
Thanks but we do our own computers. Quickbooks was able to login and see where someone got on last night and tried to write himself several checks. He also(or she)
tried to get the creit card company to issue a very large credit back to our checking account. We don't transfer money from our account electronically so we lucked out but just the fact someone got in where all our information and S.S. numbers of our employees was bad enough. We changed all our bank numbers.

I looked in that computer using the netstat command and found a port opened with an ip located somewhere in Germany. I have turned off remote desktop but don't know what else to do other than running a scan. I might have to format. Its crazy because nobody does much with that computer especially not online.

Update. Scanning the computer revealed 33 trojans and all were removed. We have decided to shut this computer off when we are not using it and not to use the internet at all unless we have to update.
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