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May 16th, 2013, 13:12
I have played for a few hours as well. For a 6 man team and it being an alpha I think they have done an amazing job. Health potions are expensive and very rare to drop, purposely. You auto heal while out of combat. I have mixed feelings about that. I love the scarcity of potions, I am level seven and have not found a single health potion yet. But I think the auto heal is TOO fast. Maybe that will be tweaked. Loot is not raining out of the sky like TL2. Just enough to keep you going and to be satisfying. Goes with the story of things being scarce in the game world. Weapons look old and shabby, like they will literally fall apart if you use them too much, or at all in some cases. Nice touch. Only 3 skill masteries out of 5 are available in the alpha. Soldier , Demolitionist, & Occultist. Chose Demolitionist to play around with guns and grenades. Dont know what the combined masteries are yet. All in all though for an alpha, a lot to like so far.

And yeah the male face model looks like Al Capone and Ernest Borgnine had a child.
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