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May 16th, 2013, 19:34
… A day pibbur is in Wien@Austria.

Some of you may remember that last week he claimed to be in Atlanta@Usa, and that he for years have given you the impression that he spends his days in Bergen@Norway. Both of these claims are correct.

But. Last Friday he boarded a plane heading towards Chicago, only to board a plane for Heathrow@London@UK. And from Heathrow it' s only 1 1/2 hour (by plane) to good ol' Flesland airport@Bergen@Norway, where he landed at 19 hours. Saturday.

The journey from Atlanta to Bergen wasn't entirely without complications. No Whitney Houston wannabe, but there were a few logistics problems. First, in Atlanta, he learned that flight 3617 for Chicago was delayed. Isolated, that was of little concern, since his plane was the 3616. But he figured that if 3617 was delayed, so might 3616 be. Which it was. So he asked the lady behind a counter what he should do. She said that he might just reach chicago in time for BA0296 heading for London. When he informed her that while 3616 was headed for terminal 3, 0296 would probably depart from terminal 5, she said: "Oh". Which definitely is not what you want to hear when discussing the consequences of delayed planes with ladys behind counters. (It reminded him of his surgery exam back in med school). Enter 5 minutes of frantic activity and stressful thinking, and he was rebooked to the last remaining seat on 3617, his luggage possibly rerouted to said plane, and running to gate where he arrived at gate just in time.

The cause of the delays was according to his sources, very inconvenient winds at O'Hare, which reduced the number of runways avaiable for planes. In fact, said sources mentioned it was the worst kind of winds for planes@O'Hare. Another thing you don't want to hear unless you consider turbulence the funny part of modern air travel. Pibbur doesn't.

He came (O'Hare), saw (the gates of O'Hare) and heard (from the lady at the gates of O'Hare) that the boinggg 777 heading for Heathrow would not do so for 4-5 hours. Which meant that 1) the above mentioned frantic activity and stress wasn't necessary, and 2) he would arrive at Heathrow 5 hours behind schedule. But no worries. He originally had 7 hours of transit time @ heathrow, so, unlike most of his fellow passengers, he would without doubt, catch his next plane (Nee-ne-nee-ne-neeee-neh!!), the 0760 to Norway. And, at O'Hare he had power for his laptop.

The reason 0296 was delayed was that one of the pilots planning to pilot the plane got sick and therefore wouldn't pilot the plane after all. They had other pilots who very recently piloted in from somewhere in Europe, but according to regulations and probably also the interest of the passengers (you don't want to hear snoring from the cockpit) they had to rest for a while before piloting again.

Well. Eventually he arrived at his home airport at 1900 pm, saturday evening. Just 11 hours before the plane leaving for Frankfurt took to the skies. With pibbur and family aboard, heading for Wien. To celebrate upcoming 60 year's birthday of the wife.

So here he is, at the moment of writing at Cafe Hawelka, eating sausages and drinking beer. He'll refer you to wikipedia regarding details of said cafe, but a visit to Wien is not a visit to Wien unless you visit Hawelka. Sort of.

Other things?

0218: Roman emperor in trouble.
1204: Roman emperor in trouble. Actually he's referred to as a latin emperor, whatever the difference. Who cares? He would still be in trouble.
1568: British queen in trouble.
1866: Half dime in trouble.
2007: France is in trouble.

There are no kangaroos in Austria.

Pibbur who realizes that he posted this in the wrong thread. But since it's mostly useless drivel, it may as well remain here.
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