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May 16th, 2013, 20:54
I don't know why people get upset about things costing money in F2P when obviously it costs money to develop games and companies have to make money somehow. They don't just spend millions creating and keeping games running out of charity.

They let people play huge amounts of the game for nothing. And when they try to charge for fluff or anything people lose their minds as if games should just be free. Reality can be shocking.

Stuff like dyes and all that is entirely optional fluff - it's something that's not pay 2 win, which is a good thing. Subscribers to swtor get cartel coins every month, so they definitely have nothing to cry about, they can get this new crap if they want to without additional cost.

For people who are going F2P, obviously F2P is not "free" if you want to enjoy the extras. For the extras or full game you pay.

I'm so sick of F2P. Worst business model ever. I'm sure it's great for profits but it sucks for players. I would rather pay a sub and have the whole game available for me to EARN MY CRAP than have to experience cash shop hooks everywhere, OR deal with losers who get ahead thru pay to win, or be restricted unless I pay to win, OR experience worthless people who want free entertainment.


Unless they added more character customization options, this feature isn't that remarkable to me. The face, hair, and other choices in swtor were always very limited and unremarkable, especially for female characters where every hair style is chopped or short since the engine doesn't deal with clipping worth a crap.

I won't log in to check it out since I find swtor's F2P implementation for former subscribers to be the worst ever. Most formerly sub games treat their "founders" better. If I log into swtor as F2P I lose a huge amount of stuff. It's not worth it. I paid for a month of sub when it went F2P to check it all out and the game still didn't feel worth a 15/mo sub so that was a brief experiment.

Other games that have switched from subs to F2P have done a better job.
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