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May 17th, 2013, 00:30
For the fun of waking up the dead, and with time allowing a colder point of view:

1 - XCom Enemy Unknown (Elite Edition): Ok some glitch but woo great and first turn based game that gave me the feeling to play a real time game.

2 - Legend of Grimrock: At every corner there's something interesting to do. Puzzles, action, exploration, tension, and more. Excellent gameplay.

3 - Endless Space: At least an alternative to Civ series bringing a fresh point of view on 4X games with an excellent merge of appeal, ease of use and depth.

4 - Mass Effect 3: Well very fun for me, I was even pleased by the ambiguous and not so clear end, at least some finesse… until I read all the whining that spoiled a bit my fun afterward. :-)

5 - Torchlight 2: Nothing really new here and I regret the design shift from the first, from a lot of dodging to quite less and much more anticipation dodging. But an extreme polishing and a huge improvement vs T1. The series that made me a true fan of this genre and not D2 that I played at release.

6 - Baldur's Gate Extended: I still don't understand all the wining about this refresh, very fun and that update is very welcome.

7 - Borderland 2: The first with everything hugely improved. Very fun but some design choices doesn't fit me that well, like items re-spawning, stuff to find only when you get the cursor hint, and few more.

8 - Diablo 3: Hahem, ok, the disappearance of builds, the restricted number of skills at same time and the stupid focus on item grinding spoil significantly the fun, but a noteworthy and fun game anyway.

I didn't played that much during 2012 so here some games that I still haven't played but I suspect they could get in my top 10: Hotline Miami, Dishonored, Risen 2, Faster Than Light.

So ok from what I played it's mixed, there isn't that many amazing releases. But my top 3 is three kicking ass Turn Based games in quite different genres, woo, that year is a date anyway for me. And moreover, even if late for Xcom, all the 3 was released on Mac. In fact 6 of the 8 I listed was released on Mac too and a day Torchlight 2 should be released on Mac too.

EDIT: Lol ok Grimlock isn't turn based, well a surprising and refreshing come back to an old school design. :-)
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