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May 18th, 2013, 00:38
Originally Posted by Dez View Post
I'm terribly sorry to snip out one sentence from your post, but I keep hearing this argument a lot and I feel always somewhat puzzled because deep roads was one of my favourite parts of DAO. I loved everything that had something to do with Orzzamar and dwarves. Dwarven noble orgins story was the best orgins imo and I loved stone prisoner DLC as it exapanded deep roads and told me more about dwarves

I don't intend to start some angry debate about this subject since I've realized that majority of DAO players disliked deep roads.

I however liked deep roads because it was basicly one big dungeon crawl. I loved how things got darker, disturbing and more sinister as I desceded deeper and deeper into dark spawn territory.

Then there is this lost dwarven culture aspect which got my heart bumbing. Kind of reminded me of Moria from Lotr. And I thought the idea of wardens going into deep roads to die in battle before the taint forces them to succumb, was quite cool.

Deep roads had some nice secrets too.

Same here!
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