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May 19th, 2013, 04:44
Well the point is with BG1 mods:
- I could be wrong and there's an option I didn't saw but they changed the walking speed and I hate it. If it works don't fix it, even modders can't understand that.
- I never ever saw an option in the mods to have both big characters readable and higher resolution. The biggest I could have was far to be enough.
- I never seen a French version well managed by the mods there's always some crap.
- The pathfinding is the same than before.
- Install the mods is ridiculously complex with many little traps.

I don't care any wow factor for BG1EE BG1 is wow and BG1EE do the good job to manage well all the points above:
- Texts hugely well readable.
- Quick install.
- Normal walking speed (or am I wrong?)
- No French text problem, ok dialogs in English, but it's fine and clean (from what I have seen).
- Better pathfinding, ok still not perfect and some 3D bugs. :-)

Sure in exchange I got a few new minor problems but the result is largely positive for me. Only the last point not spend 2 boring hours (in fact much more each time) to install the mod crap is worthing the price I paid.

Otherwise I finished XCOM Enemy Unknown, what a great game, even the end is cool.
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