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May 19th, 2013, 04:47
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
…Now, please enlighten me, people. It seems like a lot of people enjoyed playing ME3. I want to know, why I can't enjoy this game. I really loved ME1 and 2 but this one I just can't get in to it. Ok, beside the horrible Origin (I've finally gotten over it), the quests so far have been go to different system and scan random place, hoping to find some artifect/war assets and get chased around by Reapers. That's not so fun. Is it because I'm still too early into the game? I LOVED ME2 the moment I started playing it, but considering that it took me a while to get into ME1, it could be a possible reason.
Well that's the first game many people enjoy and you don't like? Wooo. Seriously I bet there's ton of very good RPG you don't like at all, ME3 is just another.

Myself it's M1 I tried so many time and failed enjoy so many time.

EDIT: That said ME1 is very different to ME2 and ME3, ME and ME3 are quite closer but different. For me they improved significantly the fights in ME3 and I got the feeling to explore more often in ME3, ok that's relative. At opposite ME2 has a hub design around the numerous companion NPC, and both number of NPC companions and that hub management gives a sort relative freedom feeling that hasn't ME3.
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