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May 19th, 2013, 16:08
Whow. Just whow. You know, it's been months since I have been away from the codex. So I went to check it today out of curiosity and the amount and speed at which the decline has arrived is uncanny.

You got paid for avatars, paid for tags, special tags for donations and payments, strict moderation, restricted paid for subforums, mod brownosing is now endemic and you even get "forbidden" words being edited out and replaced TESF style. Actually scratch that, it is fastly getting to TESF levels. Even worse is that with all the money these guys are gathering they are too dumb to actually make the forum run and it is constantly having technical problems and limitations.

I have known something was going wrong for quite some time and have warned people about it, but to no avail. The real wake-up call was that "raffle-sorting" video with dorkovenload that was posted on the forums. There was something really disturbing about seeing that balding hunchback schizoid degenerate awkwardly giggling to the camera and making unconfortable flirty jokes. He was also wearing a mensa t-shit full of suspicious white stains. Even more disturbing was that I was the only one to point fingers and laugh at the whole thing. Most users were too busy actually complimenting and sucking up to the poor guy, you know, like they do with mods and admins over at TESF.

Now don't get me wrong, in the VD era we had a little bit of this, but fortunately that guy wasn't some basement dwelling loser with low self-steem who took it upon himself to turn the forum into his e-penis masturbatory playground. That is just really sad, and even sadder is that people go along with it. I became the second user ever to be permabanned(sharing the honor with Jim Profit) because I trolled him and some of his cadre of pushup mods(mostly "trash" and that degenerate homo Gaysun), even with dozens of people requesting that I remain active on the forums. How pathetic is that? I think Glyphwright and others were also banned for something along these lines.

Basically, RIP codex.
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