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Default Malevolence: Sword of Ahkranox public beta is live!

May 19th, 2013, 21:48
Looks like they released a huge update yesterday, including added overworld / countryside content like roaming monsters at night:
- Complete snow biome scenery
- Complete desert scenery
- Gazetteers of Smeh-ghet are too common
- Armour racks now more common than weapon racks
- Added local recall medallions
- New console command to add procedural spell books to inventory
- Add monsters to the countryside at night
- Sleeping in the countryside should pose a risk during the night hours
- Fix issues with Local Recall Medallions
- Fix issues with lightning bolt spell costs at high levels
- Sell prices for weapons and armour now 20% higher
- Don't allow spellbooks for certain spells that make it too easy for players to become overpowered and lose the fun. Allow scrolls for them, though.
- Clergyman Al-aeks now gives you some starting gold to help get you set up
- Add farm functionality
- Countryside loot containers have a few anomalies (not saving/loading correctly?)
- Update farm appearance
- Add bow functionality to countryside
- Add new item "Poison Antidote" (removes poison)
- Make freshwater springs functional
- Add new console command LUCKYCHARM to get Tears of Hyfrydle
- Antidotes can be purchased at temples
- Add guard tower theme music and voice pack
- Add temple theme music
- Add trap disarm practice mode to thieves guilds when implemented
- Add Thieves Guilds
- Add new item "Tears of Hv-rydleh" (makes player very lucky)
- Add map image for portals
- Occasional crash when spamming teleport spell?
- Make farms appear on the map
- Add guard tower functionality
- Update map marker appearance
- Add "Tome of the Guard Bretheren" with list of Kickstarter pledgers
- Add food items for small health boosts
- Farm icons not correctly rendering on map
- Fixed fatal crash when accessing Tome of the Brethren
- Make tower icons more visible against low contrast biome areas
- Guard towers sell torches
- Less chance of towers selling recall medallions
- Added spell effect descriptions to spellbook and scroll rollovers in inventory
- Alphabetized Tome of the Brethren
- Removed duplicates from Tome of the Brethren
- Tower doors not aligned well with player movement grid
- Fixed monster object number reference issues (combat/looting/killing errors)
- Monster blood visible in countryside
- Fixed occasional missing object crash when fighting monsters in countryside
- Underwater sound shouldn't play over the top of guard tower UI if in a submerged tower
- Possible crash happening when bow hunting in the countryside hopefully fixed
- Fixed fatal crash when entering a Mine floor with a portal
- Fixed issue with Recall Medallions not having name show up on pickup screen
- Potions no longer stack (just for a test at the moment. possibly not permanent)
- Add various potion sizes
- Wrong name showing in pickup screen for Recall Medallions
- Console command INTOTHEDEPTHS takes you to the bottom floor of a dungeon
- Console command SMEGGIT reveals everything in the local area
- Console command LOCALMAP simulates getting farm directions
- Fixed tower potion purchase exploit
- Towers only let you in between 6pm and 6am
- Fixed incorrect month names in certain books
- Fairly sure I've sorted out the issue with torches stopping working/not working properly
- Small mana potions not working
- Re-write Kevin Bacon module to be more accurate
- Smeggit maps work properly again
- Farm directions work properly again
- Make small potions more common
- Fix missing potion image bug
- Add temple alchemy functionality
- Oops. Tears of Hyfrydle should actually WORK now
- Drinking a bottle of Blatherbeard's Brew whilst already drunk will have consequences
- Drinking Blatherbeard's Brew will make you EXTREMELY strong, but also quite frail
- Countryside should be cleared of monsters when sleeping at a tower or farm
- Shouldn't be able to save in the countryside when monsters are nearby
- Add item "Blatherbeard's Brew" that acts as an hallucinogenic
- Items in general store sell screen sometimes showing information from buy screen
- Ramp down enchantment power when effect is triggered more frequently
- Sometimes getting drunk could GAIN your armour or weapons?
- SCAVENGE command has broken images
- Weapons don't scale in damage as quickle
- Add some sort of signpost system to countryside
- Blatherbeard's Brew has a value now
- Set monster damage difficulty at floor entry
- Some floors with lower levels don't have a staircase leading down
- Some cleanse quests can't be completed
- More monster level fixing
- Add basic permadeath leaderboard functionality
- Enchantments are created with 0 value
- Blacksmith gear more random
- Soft mouse return not working in towns
- Add magic shops
- Give procedural scrolls proper value generation
- Give procedural spell books proper value generation
- The higher the probability of an enchantment going off, the lower the power should be
- Inventories not sorting new item types
- Magic store prices are incorrect
- Magic stores only buy General Store items
- Leaderboard not updating properly
- Portals don't render correctly on your UI minimap
- Add gem sounds to countryside
- Add hotkeys for rest screen (use 1, 2 and 3 keys to pick amount of time to rest)
- Losing invisibility (by revealing yourself) should remove spell marker
- Dimension stones occasionally make items disappear
- Bows shouldn't shoot through closed doors
- Incorrect Magic Store shopkeeper sounds during haggling and sale
- Alter map reveals to show ALL locations
- Removed annoying gem sounds in countryside, but kept secret chime, since not as regular
- Chance of traps not going off on first trigger (a clank sound will play - be sure to listen for it!)
- Being lucky (Tears) will make traps always fail
- Asking directions at farms or using gazetteers can delete previously found map markers? O_o
- Some locations still not being placed on the map
- Trial player starting with one of each health potion type, rather than three large
- Door open sound should now play when entering magic shop
- Ramp monster difficulty more significantly when going deeper into dungeons
- Magical traps shouldn't fail like mechanical traps can
- Casting invulnerability at the same time as using Tears of Hv-Rydleh makes you permanently invulnerable
- Enchantment values are too low with the new per-chance scaling system
- Scrolls not having a value in magic shops
- Fix greater world segment borders
- Link WIS stat to spell casting abilities
- Link DEX stat to bow/arrow damage
- Link STR stat to physical weapon damage
- Link INT stat to trap complexity
- Link DEX stat to chance of trap failure
- Small DEX boost for successfully finding trap without triggering it
- Misc ambient sounds shouldn't play while underwater
- Add breath levels for water travel
- Replace XP numbers with progress bar
- Update rain appearance
- Add biome-specific music (what's done)
- Add player footstep sounds to countryside and towns
- Shouldn't be able to attempt to disarm a trap mechanically while enemies are near
- Player damage and poison effects are affected by CON stat
- Rare invisible walls in dungeons (reference 'W') something to do with secret doors, as they disappear when the secret door is opened…
- Add more ambient sound to countryside to make it feel more alive
- Fixed utterly terrifying bug where monsters will, literally, sprint at you at lightning speeds through the countryside when you try and sleep and they spot you from a distance… Sorry Smeggit.
- Fixed map bugs FINALLY
- Fixed repetitive step sounds near towns
- Removed step towns when turning
- Monsters can't walk through floor decorations in mines
- Conversational anomolies with Clergyman Al-aeks
- Achievement banners not working in countryside
- Player can strafe through collision objects in towns
- Update mine entrance asset
- Scrolls purchased at the thieves' guild don't have a gold value
- Monsters not appearing properly after interrupting your sleep in dungeons
- Can walk through walls in towns if walking backwards
- 3 New female citizen voice packs
- Wrong "I can't use this" sound plays in magic shops
- Fixed post-inventory crash relating to achievements
- Spellbooks purchased at magic shop don't work
- Selecting "The Coin" from Al-aeks should give you more gold
Here's the video update where he describes the highlights:
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