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May 20th, 2013, 03:08
Just got out of a party of 5 taking on basilisks. Wait till you see those things. Awesome looking huge creatures that are real tough. A few of our party died in the process of killing them and the quest was on level.

I foolishly tried to kill one solo before I knew what they were. I knew I was in trouble when the music changed to some crazy hype battle music and this mammoth started charging me. I managed to get it down to 70% health after about 5 minutes of constant barrage but I was one shot away from dying and had to run away. After that I got a party together and we started killing them much more efficiently.

Visually this game really delivers. The next zone you go to after Noob Island is really nice. Some nice forested areas, some beautiful open fields, and the music is stunning. It's real purdy.

And when you actually start getting some nice combat abilities, it changes the game. Archer gameplay is crazy. I have a close quarters melee attack, a close quarters shooting attack that also sends me flying backwards out of harms way, a machine gun attack, 2 power attacks that you can charge up, and I can also lay a trap to slow down the enemy. It gets real intense and fun when you link together all these abilities. And the cooldowns aren't bad at all so you are able to string together these awesome attacks frequently, so combat stays fun throughout.

I also learned how to enchant my gear. That is pretty fun as well, although I'm not sure I should be spending too much currency doing it, because I'm usually able to find a better piece of gear by completing quests, so enchanting one piece of gear at least early on is somewhat pointless. But if you are able to enchant it 9 times and get the +9 bonuses on it, that piece of gear becomes very powerful. So far I've enchanted a pair of gloves to +6 and they are really sweet, and my bow and cuirass are both +3. It's a pretty cool system once you get the hang of it.
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