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May 20th, 2013, 03:56
Nice Draugr shot :-)

I have been trying to balance Nexus out a little. Some great modders over there and got a few tips. Hothtrooper44 even let me use one of his armors for a make over I did of Erik the Slayer - my third mod so far and one I just released tonight. Was so much work though! I have so much admiration for modders who do the big stuff - it is so time consuming - took up my entire weekend. Course I had a lot to learn as well.

I decided to stick with his main look so it would be consistent. Instead I focused on just making him a bit older, although a lot depends on the textures people use of course (I took mine using XCE for the face and sundracon better males for the body). I added some age lines, scars, shadows, a beard, and more muscle since he has been working a lot as a mercenary in the local area. I also enhanced his skills and abilities and made his class line up with his combat skills better (his defaults did not match his equipment or skills)

Erik was the first companion I ever had in Skyrim and he finished the main game with my warrior, Ulfr Bjorn (over 300+ hours) so he is probably my favorite. But I always wanted to see how he would mature as a mercenary … so here we are

Mod: Erik the Slayer - Older and Wiser

Some images relating to the make-over:

Fact about Erik the Slayer from wiki:
His name is derived from Erik West, whose internet alias was "Immok the Slayer," a visitor to Bethesda's HQ during Skyrim's development. Bethesda was so impressed with his knowledge of Oblivion that they gave him an in-depth tour of Bethesda studios and decided to create a character named Erik in his honor. Sadly, Erik died in May 2011 from cancer (before the release of Skyrim), hence Bethesda honoring him by immortalizing him in the form of Erik the Slayer.
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