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May 20th, 2013, 19:45
Originally Posted by Morbus View Post
It doesn't. They just need intelligence, guts and good game designers. That's how Fallout was made, and many others back in "the day".
Fallout wasn't really "back in the day". Fallout was at the end of back in the day. The best RPGs were always made by small (often VERY small) teams, and usually the design was done by the programmers. You have a genius programmer, that person can do a shit hot design and an interesting story to match it too. That's why they call it genius. And also who cares more about a game than its creator? You bring in big teams of mediocre people who view what they're doing as a job and nothing more and you end up with design principles such as "when the player clicks a button, awesome stuff should happen". Also, there aren't that many genius programmers out there, and the ones there are usually don't get along very well with management types so they end up being treated like dirt to the point they sit there watching porn all day while the idiots do all the work.

Anyway, Mars only costs about $3 to $5 dollars an hour to play, which is a pretty good deal when you think about it. Especially considering you can lower that price by replaying it. There's no downside, really, which is why everyone besides me should buy it.
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