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May 20th, 2013, 23:38
Originally Posted by Korplem View Post
As romantic as the notion of a starving artist is, the rich artist is much preferred. You can't really blame devs, most of which started with next to nothing, for trying to cash out. I'd do it in a heart beat and laugh at all the nerd rage on forums about it.
You'd try and you'd fail, just like they all did. It turns out that it's not so easy from spoiled programmers who've been used to being treated like they're special and who've been making high-brow products for an eclectic audience to switch over to cranking out trivial rapidly developed products for the mass market, and one of the most painful parts of the learning curve for attempting this is going from 10% (for instance) percentage of profits (admittedly on low volume, relatively speaking) as your compensation, to being a salaried employee, where your salary is only slightly higher than the office manager's. And where do you go from there? You go onto the forums and nerd rage about how the men in suits ruined your career, do you not?

And then along comes kickstarter…

Arrogance is a given, but perhaps it's not so bad that devs can't learn from their own past mistakes. At least in some cases. I'm hoping that's so, at any rate. Otherwise Kickstarter is just going to be a new way for people to do the same old shit.
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