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May 21st, 2013, 13:52
A little forced socialization goes a long way. I grouped up for some instance play at the end of noob island and we stuck together for hours after. I got lucky grouping with two toons that turned out to be USA guys with ages 29 and 52. Lucky pug that was. Good peeps. So the instance requirement was the trigger. I think people want to socialize generally but are almost as hesitant to do so as in real life with strangers. With the occasional group instance requirement its sort of like school - you dont have a choice. Since GW2 does all this in the public game world it doesnt force social interaction. An unintended design mistake? Who knows. its facinating how a seemingly small difference can have such monumental consequences given social behavior patterns. One could write some interesting papers on this i guess. Now MMO socialization is also a double edged sword, as now I'm inevitably going to have social obligations when I log back in, and the game has ample solo content. This is one of my issues with LOTRO. To make grouping my choice I'd love a stealth login mode where I'm invisible on friend lists.

I realize my comments aren't about Tera per se, but these are thoughts I woke up with, as I'm still trying to answer the "which is better" question. Short answer is still GW2 but I lament on some of the features notably the quest system and socialization. Tera improves after the mediocre noob island thankfully, but I want more. It still retains that goofy WoW cartoony flavor I find unappealing. But getting better. Need more BAMs!
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