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May 21st, 2013, 16:13
One good thing about Tera is that it's pretty easy to get a group right now. I've seen players standing outside of group areas waiting for invites plenty of times, and the times I wanted a group it was very easy to get one by using the chat.

Another cool thing is that if you feel there's too many people on your server or in your area, you can change the channel. This makes questing much easier because everyone is not fighting over monster spawns or whatever. You just switch the channel to one with a low population and bam, there's no one around to bother you.

The game could use more BAMs, but I think it's pretty good as-is. I just reached an area in the Celestial Hills last night that has 2 different types of huge enemies that can't be soloed. And right before that area was an entire group area, the Bastion of Lok, with a few very tough enemies there, like a golem and then whatever it is at the end of the area (I moved on to a different area instead of finishing it).

Very cool game. It's not perfect, or the "end-all-be-all" of MMO gaming, but it's a pretty damn good game. If GW2 is even better than I'm definitely interested in checking that out, just let me know when that free weekend happens and I'm there .
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