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May 21st, 2013, 20:14
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
You can't. Merriam-Websert doesn't even have eh same usage you posted. Another false claim. WHy am I not suprised. You just keep digging you grave deeper and deeper with more lies. Standard practice.

You're posting the transitive verb.

You have to scroll down for the adjective. Try again

Haha. You got this selfish egocentric way of looking at facts thinking that everything is personal and revolving about the individual. No. A definition of a word doesn't not depend on your ego, like you seem think everything in the world does.
Are you sure you're not talking about yourself? It sure sounds like you're talking about your own definition of what a definition is

What imagined theory are you referring to? We have a definition proposed pure and simple. The subject was the definition not some theory made up in Dart's head.
The theory was the proposition. You're not following too well

Because your communication is poor and needs clarification. Is that clear enough for you? If you REALLY care enough to be understood, then you would also try to understand. But we really know this is not about being understood or understanding, it's about seeking attention, and your own egotistical validation. Convincing others of your fake superiority. Nothing more…
You mean you feel inferior for some reason that compels you to try and "best me" - and you fail again and again?

Are you sure that's wise?

As horrible as I may be - it seems you're ignoring what other people are saying about you as well. Maybe you should take a deep breath and reflect a bit?

I'm not better than you - I just don't argue from an emotional position and a desire to be better than others. That's your weakness because you have this obsession about not admitting defeat - but it doesn't make you a bad person, so don't take it to heart so.

More lies, I see. No you are evil because you insult people anyone who actually disagree with you and don't validate you.
IIRC, you've made similar statements before. Why do you keep exchanging with an evil person? It's like you keep forgetting how horrible I am until you're proven wrong again.

People aren't evil because you're not smarter than they are. It's not a crime, either.




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